Friday, October 30, 2009

Playtest News

Two New Playtests On the Horizon

Game 1
GM: Dave Webb
Date: Nov 6-7th
System: MetaScape Medieval

Dave, use the comment section to leave us some teasers.

Game 2::
GM: Blake Mobley
Date: Nov 13-14th
System: MetaScape Medieval
Adventure: Continuing the Yalen, Necromantic Ice Queen, saga. The adventurers have delved deep under Thunderspire mountain, tracking down slave traders that were linked to high port at the end of the Queen's Quest series played on Oct 23rd.

I'll be GMing for my daughter, two nieces, and one of my student aides. This is a great playtest game as I get a look at the system from a much younger perspective and from playtesters who are not avid gamers. Their type of imagination is always refreshing and unique compared to my veteran players. And they often teach me things about my system that I miss with more skilled players. Should be fun!


  1. When we all last met and finished you had all directed powerful magic into the artifact to help defeat the boss and were teleported to a cavern. Next you came face to face with an ancient Bronze Dragon who was just about ready to have you as her lunch.
    Can you minuscule little creatures survive the battle or to you cower and run? Can you claim the vast treasure or will you become part of it. This is always hope and allies if you can just remember them.
    If you survive there is a new island waiting to be explored and rumor has it there is a magical shrine located on it that can transform you into powerful beings. But as always there are guards to face and traps to avoid but the payoffs are beyond measure. Motsi is key and true character play will win out.

  2. Sounds like fun! Looking forward to playing for a change!

  3. Tezeron's game was one of the best I've been in as a player in years. Truely a great game with a great version of rules.