Monday, December 27, 2010

MetaScape 3 is Here

MetaScape 3 is Here!!!!

To get the latest MetaScape Rules click here:

MetaScape 3.1.0 Rules

My Pledge: MetaScape 3.x.x rules will not change enough to require new character creation for one year!

General Comments

  • I will be focusing on advancement rules and fleshing out the feats available to characters. 
  • I posted all player rules booklets and all but two of the GM booklets under the link above. The missing GM booklets still need to be updated to version 3.x.x. I'll post them later.
  • Some of the notations in the Weapons, Armor, Equipment and GM booklets are from version 2.x.x or earlier rules, but these are easily ad-libbed into 3.x.x rules for now. I'll be focusing on cleaning these up over the next several months.
  • At this time version 3.1.0 rules are not easily played without being an experienced MetaScape gamer already. For the rest of you, you can either try to muddle through and send me key questions at (if I have the time/desire to answer you), or wait a few more months as I clean up the rest of the GM rules which will explain the system in detail so a novice could pick it up.
  • I've started a Novel set in the MetaScape GuildSpace setting and have it about half done (about 50,000 words). More on this in another 6 months or so.
  • I will give special credits in the rule booklets to anyone who runs a stable, regular MetaScape 3.x.x gaming club as playtesters. Just contact me at for more info.
Design Help Wanted
  • I'm looking for volunteers to help flush out the many feats needed at this time. I'm NOT interested in new races or classes at this time as I have my hands full with the existing ones. If interested, contact me at for more info.
  • Congratulations to Trevor Nielsen. For his years of dedicated playtesting and design help. I've moved him up in the credits to Master Playtester!

Friday, October 8, 2010

MetaScape GuildSpace Rules 16.0.0

Click here to get a copy of the new MetaScape GuildSpace Rules set 16.0.0.

A few highlights in Version 16.0.0:

  • The new Mastery Point (MP) system is implemented.
    • Assign ratings of 1 to 6 in key areas of THE ZOMBURG WASP
      • THE
        • Trade Skills
        • Hobbies
        • Extraneous
      • ZOMBURG
        • Z Scineces
        • Officer, Ship
        • MOTC
        • Body Type
        • U Omega
        • Race
        • Guild
      • WASP
        • Weapons
        • Armor
        • Skills
        • Powers
    • Ranks are back and defined - Ranks count the number of tripped advancement rolls
    • Kits and Kit Points (KP) - are back and re-tooled!
    • Specializations of Feats, Enhancements, and Skills (FES)
  • MOTC is now properly defined with six buffs and six powers per MOTC race

Thursday, July 22, 2010

MetaScape Guild Space Rules 11.0.0

Here are my latest rules. These have the new General/Focus/Specialty Rules in them!

Click Here for rule Downloads.

Friday, June 25, 2010

MetaScape Guild Space Rough Rules 9.0.0

Get MetaScape Guild Space Rough Rules 9.0.0 Now

Status: I just uploaded the MetaScape Guild Space "Rough Rules" Version 9.0.0