Saturday, December 19, 2009

MetaScape Medieval 3.3.1 Available

Get MetaScape Medieval Rules Version 3.3.1 Now

Status: I just uploaded the MetaScape Medieval Rules 3.3.1

Status Report: Changes are

  • Booklets now have different Names:
    • Class
    • Race
    • Training
    • Social
    • Gear
  • Class Booklet Changes
    • New Classes
      • Archer
      • Battel Rager
      • Psionicist
      • Ranger
      • Wind Walker
    • Jumps and MR/Enc races are alphebetized and Death Knight is now properly Quantum Shade
    • Core Abilities is the new term for what "attributes" used to be.
    • Core is now Attributes
    • Attribute name changes
      • Burst is now Speed
      • Domination is now Alpha
    • Added in Bases. These core abilities set the "base" for all skills, weapon attacks and weapon damage.
    • The old CR $ tables for weapons, armor, and skills are removed, faster, easier character creation advancement, and the feel is better due to the Bases (above)
  • Training Booklet Changes
    • I've added/moved around about 20 additional skills
    • Skills are now just a $1 $2 or $3 and the Core Ability Bases determines the CR (see above)
    • Skills are now VERY EASY to create or ad-lib due to this
    • All races have their special skill bonuses listed for more racial flavor
    • All Races now have Key Lines and Feats!!
    • I've added three other Key Lines and Feats
      • Assassination
      • Attack Sinister 
      • Bless
    • I've also added more feats under Weapon Basics, specifically all the cheap "handed" feats for Light, Medium, and Heavy weapons. 
    • For speed of play and simplicity the most common Action/Duration/Range notations of I,I,S are now -,-,-. Thus, you only need to look for entries on your character sheet that aren't "-". Makes for simpler and faster play.
  • Gear Booklet Changes
    • Attack and Damage are treated very much like skills:
      • The are based on the Core Base attributes
      • Each weapon and each armor lists every class with just its $1 $2 or $3 rating - makes for faster creation, better balance, more flavor, and easier ad-lib weapon creation!
      • Each race also lists its weapon and armor bonuses for more racial flavor
      • Weapon Handed now includes the rating L, M, H as well as 1 or 2. (Light, Medium, Heavy weapons and 1 or 2 handed) These ratings are key to the new Feats under the Weapon Basics Key Line.
      • Damage and Armor are Core Ability based (large weapons are based on Strength, small weapons on Agility or Speed, etc.)
  • Character Sheet Changes
    • Vitality is still a Resistance ability, but tracking your character's wounds is not longer called Vitality, rather it is now Health or HP (health points) for short. This was done because Health now has an improvement at each doubling level above and beyond simple Vitality advancement (popular request).
    • Mastery Points no longer function as luck boxes or +10 post bonus rolls (implemented between this blog post and the last). Rather they now can be used to alter Meta Bonuses after the roll and to reduce Meta Costs!! (popular demand)
    • Channeling Tracker - easy to track which round of Nish you are on. Useful for tracking feat durations!
    • AB is renamed CR for "class race". 
    • Mastery no longer impacts the old AB (now CR).
    • Double Mastery impact is gone. No more mastering at a core ability then mastering at something based on it. Double dipping has been removed for game balance.
    • Omega Powers are now a flat 5AP but only 1 per doubling level may be learned

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Excellent Game Tezeron!

I don't often get to play my game, mostly I GM, but last weekend as a player of Tezeron's game, I had one of the best times as a player in years! Truly a great game and a great set of rules!

MetaScape Medieval Rules 3.1.3 Available

Get MetaScape Medieval Rules Version 3.1.3 Now

Status: I just uploaded the MetaScape Medieval Rules 3.1.3

Status Report: Changes are

  • Masteries are now Feats of Mastery and I went through all 550 or so Feats of Mastery and stripped out the old MP system leaving just Meta and Act,Dur,Rng
  • Used a massive spreadsheet to pre calculate all Mastery $ and AB, so the Class booklet is now nearly 100 pages long and character creation took an inexperienced group 1hr 45 minutes last night.
  • Character Sheet has been retooled to fit the above rules changes

Friday, October 30, 2009

GMs Wanted!

Hey, if anyone out there wants to run a MetaScape Medieval campaign as a playtest group, let me know. I'll provide personal contact to help you get started.

Other benefits: Possible playtest credits, possible free merchandise (D16 doubling die), and personal contact with me and the verteran playtest/design group.And you can submit deisgn elements for design credits.

Development News

Just a note as to where I'm at with MetaScape and my future plans. First, I'm taking classes for my Master of Science for Information Systems, so my design will be a bit sluggish until Dec 20th.

Right now, I'm wanting to polish off the basics of MetaScape medieval (over the next several months). Then return to Guild Space and implement this same rule set. It is just a lot faster desgining in Medieval as the setting is less robust (don't have the personal/vehicle/ship combat, don't have the sciences bioTech/Tech/Cyber, don't have space travel, etc.). The rules are a lot more coheasive and easier to modify.

In MetaScape Medieval my goals are:
  • Finish making masteries for the races and outstanding classes
  • Create the actual "rules" on how to use all the tables that are now available so those who don't play with us, could play the game
  • If anyone would like to take on the mastery design for a class or keyline, let me know.

Playtest News

Two New Playtests On the Horizon

Game 1
GM: Dave Webb
Date: Nov 6-7th
System: MetaScape Medieval

Dave, use the comment section to leave us some teasers.

Game 2::
GM: Blake Mobley
Date: Nov 13-14th
System: MetaScape Medieval
Adventure: Continuing the Yalen, Necromantic Ice Queen, saga. The adventurers have delved deep under Thunderspire mountain, tracking down slave traders that were linked to high port at the end of the Queen's Quest series played on Oct 23rd.

I'll be GMing for my daughter, two nieces, and one of my student aides. This is a great playtest game as I get a look at the system from a much younger perspective and from playtesters who are not avid gamers. Their type of imagination is always refreshing and unique compared to my veteran players. And they often teach me things about my system that I miss with more skilled players. Should be fun!

MetaScape Character Sheet 3.1.2 Available

Get Version Character Sheet 3.1.2 Now

Status: I just uploaded the Character Sheet Medieval 3.1.2

Status Report: Changes are

  • Moved a lot of Front Sheet elements around for better game flow (Key Lines below attributes, skills next to attributes, cleaned up masteries, etc.)
  • Mastery tables are much more evolved and faster to use, MP moved onto mastery tables for faster tracking
  • OMEGA entirely moved to Front Sheet
  • Personality grid moved to Front Sheet
  • Basically, you can play a character up to about level 5 to 10 with the Front and Back sheet only

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Makes MetaScape Unique?

Discussion Topic: What sets MetaScape apart from other roleplaying games? What makes it unique? Please click <comments> below and leave your two cents worth.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blog Purpose

Blog Purpose: This blog is the development and playtest site for the MetaScape Medieval Game system.

Playtesters/Designers Wanted: Here you can watch or take an active part in the development of the rules. We are looking for game masters who wish to run playstest campaigns and report back to us.

Rules Stats:
The rules are still in flux and far from complete. Much of the game mechanics has not been committed to paper yet, but most of the tables and core rules are ready to go.

MetaScape Character Sheet 3.1.1 Available

Get Version Character Sheet 3.1.1 Now

Status: I just uploaded the Character Sheet Medieval 3.1.1.

Status Report: Changes are

  • Added Mastery 1 and Mastery 2 sheets for expansion
  • Reset Mana at 100 to start and 10 per level 2 per advancement

Sunday, October 18, 2009

MetaScape 3.1.0 Rules Available

Status: I just uploaded the game version of MetaScape Medieval 3.1.0.

Status Report: Version 3.1.0 is ready. It takes version 3.0.0 and applies all the changes that the playtest suggested. A few key points are:

  • Character Sheets

    • Character sheets have a major new organization and look
    • Specializations are now called Masteries
    • Mst or Mastery on the sheets is now MP or Master Points
    • Columns are much simpler and start with Die, then ability name
    • key Lines, being a purchased attribute are now located under attributes
    • Skills moved close to attributes so Related rolls are easier to figure out
    • Mastery tables with Base and lines for masteries are now on Front and Ability Sheets
    • Vitality back to just one row (head and limb damage is dealt with during the roll)
    • Meta Flood is now best of two d6
    • Good/Sinister, Order/Chaos/ Social/Loaner now on Front sheet to help remind player of character's personality
    • Luck boxes back to 5+Dbl Level
    • Pools on Abilities sheet have major new organization for faster, easier use
    • $ columns for MP$ (1, 2, or 3) now on all tables, faster and easier
    • MP tracking and Used is all done on the nifty little Base/Mastery tables.

  • New Rules

    • When a MP is purchased, it not only effects the number of Mastery Points for the ability, but also automatically works towards improving the Die Type and the AB column (if one) on the schedule listed on the MP+ Table on the Front Sheet. So as Mastery Points are gained, the Die, the AB (if one) and the actual MP are improved.
    • Now Have 503 masteries and 30 Omega for 533 total

  • Class Book

    • Attribute tables are now under the Mastery Booklet

  • Race Booklet

    • Age, Height, Diet table is separated to match char sheet and the order changed to match

  • Mastery Booklet (was Ability Booklet)

    • New Name "Mastery Booklet"
    • Attributes tables are now found here
    • Weapon and Armor tables (RC and MP$) are now found here
    • Tables all moved to front of booklet
    • All Masteries are in alphabetical order

  • Good Stuff

    • Good/Evil is now Good/Sinister (I'm more comfortable with this term)

  • Arms & Equipment

    • Weapons now have P/S/L (Point Blank or minimum range/ Standard Range/ Long Range)
    • Order of columns changed to match sheet
    • Names of weapons changed to better align with pools
    • Containers now have a negative Enc listed