Sunday, October 18, 2009

MetaScape 3.1.0 Rules Available

Status: I just uploaded the game version of MetaScape Medieval 3.1.0.

Status Report: Version 3.1.0 is ready. It takes version 3.0.0 and applies all the changes that the playtest suggested. A few key points are:

  • Character Sheets

    • Character sheets have a major new organization and look
    • Specializations are now called Masteries
    • Mst or Mastery on the sheets is now MP or Master Points
    • Columns are much simpler and start with Die, then ability name
    • key Lines, being a purchased attribute are now located under attributes
    • Skills moved close to attributes so Related rolls are easier to figure out
    • Mastery tables with Base and lines for masteries are now on Front and Ability Sheets
    • Vitality back to just one row (head and limb damage is dealt with during the roll)
    • Meta Flood is now best of two d6
    • Good/Sinister, Order/Chaos/ Social/Loaner now on Front sheet to help remind player of character's personality
    • Luck boxes back to 5+Dbl Level
    • Pools on Abilities sheet have major new organization for faster, easier use
    • $ columns for MP$ (1, 2, or 3) now on all tables, faster and easier
    • MP tracking and Used is all done on the nifty little Base/Mastery tables.

  • New Rules

    • When a MP is purchased, it not only effects the number of Mastery Points for the ability, but also automatically works towards improving the Die Type and the AB column (if one) on the schedule listed on the MP+ Table on the Front Sheet. So as Mastery Points are gained, the Die, the AB (if one) and the actual MP are improved.
    • Now Have 503 masteries and 30 Omega for 533 total

  • Class Book

    • Attribute tables are now under the Mastery Booklet

  • Race Booklet

    • Age, Height, Diet table is separated to match char sheet and the order changed to match

  • Mastery Booklet (was Ability Booklet)

    • New Name "Mastery Booklet"
    • Attributes tables are now found here
    • Weapon and Armor tables (RC and MP$) are now found here
    • Tables all moved to front of booklet
    • All Masteries are in alphabetical order

  • Good Stuff

    • Good/Evil is now Good/Sinister (I'm more comfortable with this term)

  • Arms & Equipment

    • Weapons now have P/S/L (Point Blank or minimum range/ Standard Range/ Long Range)
    • Order of columns changed to match sheet
    • Names of weapons changed to better align with pools
    • Containers now have a negative Enc listed


  1. We played with this last week . . . it was awesome. Can't wait to do it again.

  2. Tomrrow's game will even be better as all this is incorporated into the rules and sheet. Should go much smoother as my 2nd attempt at my version 3 rule set. I too am looking forward to it!!