Friday, October 30, 2009

Development News

Just a note as to where I'm at with MetaScape and my future plans. First, I'm taking classes for my Master of Science for Information Systems, so my design will be a bit sluggish until Dec 20th.

Right now, I'm wanting to polish off the basics of MetaScape medieval (over the next several months). Then return to Guild Space and implement this same rule set. It is just a lot faster desgining in Medieval as the setting is less robust (don't have the personal/vehicle/ship combat, don't have the sciences bioTech/Tech/Cyber, don't have space travel, etc.). The rules are a lot more coheasive and easier to modify.

In MetaScape Medieval my goals are:
  • Finish making masteries for the races and outstanding classes
  • Create the actual "rules" on how to use all the tables that are now available so those who don't play with us, could play the game
  • If anyone would like to take on the mastery design for a class or keyline, let me know.

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